Ricky M. Palomino

Ricky Marcelino Palomino

Welcome to Ricky Palomino's website. Dedicated to all the Lovers and Creators of the world in Music, Dance, Fashion, Art, Photography, and Film. 



Ricky began in music when he was 5 under the tutelage of his uncle beginning on the Eb Clarinet. From there til High School he was trained in rigorous Music programs and State and National Competitions where he learned up to 12 instruments with a Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band and Symphony settings. When he was 14 he began training in intense Vaganova at Ballet Arizona under Michelle Ceballos then Jeremy Miller for Jazz and Modern Technique. After he graduated he immediately moved to New York City to purse a Dance Career. In New York he became an Alvin Ailey and Broadway Dance Center Scholarship Recipient an later was invited to be an original member of Cedar Lake Dance Company after dancing with H.T Chen Dance & Co. 

Since then has been a Dancer on the hit FOX show, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing With the Stars, has Written and Choreographed for the KTT Dance Company in Poland, Choreographed for Abbys Ultimate Dance Competition, Dance Moms, Raising Asia and More. He has worked for American Musical Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Hollywood, is owner of High Fashion Line, Marcelino, and has released a couple of Music Albums as well as completed a project as an Associate Producer for American Beauty Star, hosted by Adriana Lima. Ricky continues to connect the Dance, Music, and Fashion worlds to his worldwide audience and is excited to share more upcoming music and projects with everyone. Stay up to date on all the latest here at rickypalomino.com